How to check how many Remote Access VPN clients are taking up licenses

The number of Office Mode IP addresses assigned are counted, and then compared to the size of the license. You can see how many Office Mode IP addresses are assigned in the following ways:

1. SmartView Monitor: In the left pane, it is possible to filter according to « users ». The table then shows all connected users and which clients they are using. When the value in the leftmost column « Office Mode » is « True », it means the client received an Office Mode IP address. Each Office Mode IP address takes up a license.

Note: This requires a SmartView Monitor license (CPSB-MNTR) on the Management Server.

2. Check the number of Office Mode IP addresses that are currently assigned by the Security Gateway:

[Expert@GW]# fw tab -t om_assigned_ips -s
localhost om_assigned_ips 372 1 1 0

The above output (#VALS = 1) means that currently one client is assigned an Office Mode IP. This also includes SNX users with Office Mode IP addresses, who take up from a different license (SSL). In order to find out how many SNX users there are and subtract them to leave only IPsec VPN clients (i.e. SecureClient, Endpoint Security VPN, Endpoint Connect), check the following table:

[Expert@HostName]# fw tab -t sslt_om_ip_params -s

3. The « dtps lic » command is obsolete and should not be used anymore for diagnostics.


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